Cocktail Recipe: Tom’s Quinquinian Love
May 31, 2013 – 1:35 pm | No Comment

Back from a lengthy descent into the MixPourSip cocktail research vaults has yielded a few new fun reasons to bend your elbow. Here now is the first of said efforts, Tom’s Quinquinian Love. …

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Cocktail Recipe – The Sovay Cocktail
May 13, 2011 – 11:50 pm | One Comment
Cocktail Recipe – The Sovay Cocktail

Deep in the hidden recesses of the cocktail laboratories lay the results of recent experimentation with homemade liqueurs and some of the possible cocktails they can create.  One of these possible concoctions, the Sovay …

Cocktail Recipe – The Sanitarium
March 21, 2011 – 11:13 pm | No Comment
Cocktail Recipe – The Sanitarium

I have been having some fun riffing off of Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s recipe for homemade tonic water.  In an upcoming piece, I will detail our forays into this recipe and some of the discoveries that came …

Leap Year Martini
March 9, 2011 – 10:00 am | 6 Comments
Leap Year Martini

One of the best cocktails you may never have heard of, The Leap Year Cocktail is a citrus infused variation on a Martini with a fantastic burst of flavor that is both sweet and sophisticated. …

Aviation Cocktail Recipe
March 9, 2011 – 10:00 am | 2 Comments
Aviation Cocktail Recipe

Ah, the Aviation: the cocktail geeks cocktail.  Go to a bar and chat with a cocktail enthusiast and this drink will almost inevitably come up in conversation.  More and more cocktail lounges and speakeasies are …

The Pink Gin Cocktail
March 2, 2011 – 2:31 pm | One Comment
The Pink Gin Cocktail

In my take on the classic Martini, I railed against pouring solid gin or vodka in my cocktail glass and calling it a Martini. To me, a Martini has vermouth. If I want …

Martinez Cocktail Recipe
February 10, 2011 – 8:26 pm | 5 Comments
Martinez Cocktail Recipe

Like so many cocktails that hail from before 1920, the origins of the Martinez cocktail are a little murky.   It seems clear that this cocktail was in circulation around 1887, if not before.  It was …